Huw Collins

Revelations EndgAme UK, Huw Collins, Dr. Elliot Rollins / Archer Dunhill, Pretty Little Liars


Autograph: £ 30,-

Photoshoot: £ 30,-

Combo £ 55,-

Meet & Greet: £ 80,-

Besides being on the Revelations Team for this UK edition of Revelations EndgAme, HUW COLLINS Is also making an appearance!


Huw's role has meaning to those who are up to date with Season 7. If you are not, we do recommend you catch up and if you dont want spoilers, dont read the next section :)


Huw portrays the supposably Dr. Elliot Rollins in the 7th Season and he is Charlotte's doctor at Welby State Psychiatric Hospital but he is far more than just her doctor,.. also he is acknowledged okay by the Liars with his perfect fake American accent, as Alison's Husband. His real motives come to light aswell as his real identity, Archer Dunhill...


Huw is more than thrilled to join Ian Harding in Manchester! Huw is a regular guest.