Program of Revelations EndgAme

Revelations EndgAme  offers you full two days of excitement and entertainment all about Pretty Little Liars. Enter the world of Rosewood and look forward to :

  • Signing of autographs
  • Photoshoots
  • Star Talks / Panels
  • Meet & Greets
  • Dinner with the Stars
  • Raffles
  • Exhibits
  • Dealers from all over Europe
  • PLL Merchandise
  • And much more

Here and on Facebook you can find news about the upcoming programm and the many acitivites. The actual schedule will become available about two weeks before the event!

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At Revelations EndgAme you have the chance to meet your Prettly Little Liars stars so close and personal like nowhere else! Use this chance and do any extras with them as you desire and take home memories for eternity! And who knows maybe A is there too…


All actors will hold signing sessions on both days. They have a large variety of photos with them to choose from, but you can also bring your items such as posters or DVD’s.


You want to take a picture with your PLL Cast favorite or even all of them? No problem, you can! On both days there will be photoshoots held, where you can have a picture taken to remember this moment forever! Even group or duo shoots are waiting to happen.

Your photo will be printed in an 8x10  (20x30 cm) on the same day on site.

This way you can have it signed aswell if you want to! The photoshoots are the only chance to have your picture taken with your Star.


n our panels your Stars will let you know all the answers to your questions that you have been dying to ask! Don’t be shy, because this is your last opportunity! The PLL Cast will share their tales from the set and maybe one or two secrets that you didn’t know yet.

Meet & Greet

As a real treat there is a Meet & Greet with a limited amount of people to meet your Star away from the other activities. In small groups you will have the chance to spend some real quality time with them, and they even more importantly have the chance to get to know YOU! A real special experience!

Dinner with the Stars

On Saturday night there will be a Dinner with the Stars. This limited Dinner offers you a large 3 course buffet in an ambience that makes you feel like a star yourself! Your actors will be present aswell and enjoy this intimate atmosphere with YOU!


Of course your shopping shouldnt be cut short ! In our dealers area at Revelations you will find many things to desire! DVD‘s or Blurays, Merchandise, Poster,Shirts and of course PLL  Merchandise!