Troian Bellisario

Revelations EndgAme UK, Troian Bellisario, Spencer Hastings, Pretty Little Liars


Autograph: £ 50,-

Photoshoot: £ 70,-

Combo: £ 110,-

Meet & Greet: £ 150,-

Many have guessed, many more have wished for it and some clever ones saw it spoilered in Sasha's Instagram Story:

Troian is coming to Manchester to Revelations EndgAme and is bringing the -A to the Endgame.


Troian Bellisario is known for her role as Spencer Hastings and has grown more than close to many hearts of the PLL fans as the "smart Liar".. and that was not only her own masterpiece of a role if you know what we are talking about...


Also Troian is a producer, director and a writer and in everything she does she is truly successful and has won many awards for her work, the last one just yesterday!


We are so proud and excited to meet Troian live and in person and to be able to have 2 Liars attend the Revelations EndgAme with her and Sasha Pieterse!


Troian is a Special Guest.